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Thread: Falling asleep without nursing?

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    Default Falling asleep without nursing?

    I have been nursing my son from day one. He has always co-slept with my husband and I, but it is getting about time to start putting him in his own bed and finding ways to fall asleep besides car rides and nursing.

    My son is 28 months old now. I know that this will be a gradual and slow process, which is why I am wanting to start as soon as possible. It is just getting to be too much for him to always need me to fall asleep. He has his own room with his own bed, which he loves...he just won't sleep in it.

    I just don't even know where to start with having him fall asleep without nursing, so I am completely lost. Help! He will sometimes cry himself to sleep with his daddy, but other times he goes into hysterics and does not calm down. Also, daddy and our only vehicle work all day, so that is not really an option anyway.
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    Default Re: Falling asleep without nursing?

    Is there a chair in your LO's room? Once we graduated from co-sleeping to having a baby in the crib or bed, I would sit down in the chair, nurse the kid until groggy, and then put her in the crib/bed. Then I would either park myself silently in the chair or in the hallway outside and wait for sleep. At first, my girls both needed me to be right next to them in order to fall asleep, but as time went on they became more comfortable with me being outside in the hallway, and after a while they didn't even need me to be in the hallway anymore.

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    Default Re: Falling asleep without nursing?

    This is the slow process we're working on too. Joe's crib is still in our bedroom, so we're taking baby steps away from our bed. Now we snuggle and nurse, put him in his crib sleepy, and he'll fall asleep. It took a while to get to this point. One of these days, we'll move him to a real bed, maybe in another room. One thing at a time.

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    Default Re: Falling asleep without nursing?

    We did the same thing, it took a while but we are now at the point where I can put my 14 month old in his crib sleepy and he will go to sleep on his on. He also sleeps through the night now. Sometimes he gives out one or two protest yells just as I am laying him down but a gentle short backrub calms him right down. I read the No Cry Sleep Solution, it's very breastfeeding friendly and full of gentle advice.
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    Default Re: Falling asleep without nursing?

    Two things that I think...one teaching your baby to put themselves to sleep without nursing doesn't really mean "without you". It usually involves de latching them before they go to sleep and flipping them so that you are spooning with them. Which is a learning curve but is much easier than the idea of them just somehow being Ok being left alone...in another room. Also if you begin to practice this process in their bed then when they actually fall asleep you can roll out and go sleep in your own bed. Now, this is a really a crap shoot. Some kids sleep thru the night right when this starts because the not being right next to the milk stops the night wakings. But for some kids the need for human touch to feel safe and secure to sleep is too strong. So your baby may wake up in the night and come find you. But you will at least get a couple hours of alone time in your bed. I know lots of people here have kids who begin the night in their own bed and end up with their parents by morning.
    My son would never stay in his own bed. And to truly night wean him I actually had to let him go to sleep with my DH. With ME in a separate space. Because if NO ONE was in the bed with him he'd seek me and my boobs out. BUT if my DH slept with him he wouldn't wake because he couldn't smell my milk but he COULD feel someone so that is what ended up working for us. (For night weaning. And learning to go to sleep without nursing. Not not co-sleeping. We don't view that as a problem.)

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    Default Re: Falling asleep without nursing?

    When my son was that age we started not nursing to fall asleep any more. Which was importance because my milk supply was lower and he wanted to nurse until he was milk drunk and wasn't happening so he would nurse and nurse. We started nursing an hour or 2 before bedtime. And then when we went to sleep he had his own pillow to lay on and we didn't nurse took a while to get there. However we still co sleep he usually never nurses til 6 or 7 in the morning but is just such a snuggler and doesn't want to sleep all by himself. Sometimes he will sleep with his sisters but he has no interest sleeping alone in his room and I think that's ok as long as I can get enough sleep.
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