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Thread: Does my 6.5 month need more milk?

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    Default Does my 6.5 month need more milk?

    I'm trying to figure out if my LO needs more milk. She's 6.5 months old, and I send 4, 4.5-5 oz bottles of pumped milk to DCP each day (I'm gone 10 hours). I pump only about 16 - 18 oz each day, so I'm slowly depleting my freezer stash. But the DCP says that she goes only about 2, 2.5 hours between feedings, and then gulps everything down really quick. My sister, and other well meaning people keep comparing to their children who at this age were doing 6 - 8 oz bottles (formula) and I keep telling them that formula is different and that my milk changes to suit my LO needs and that she shouldn't need more than what I'm sending/pumping.

    But I'm doubting myself. I just started her on solids, but have only been giving it to her at "dinnertime" and not sending it to DCP.But maybe I should?

    And I'm also trying to sleep train her, because right now she wakes a few times during the night and isn't hungry, but wants to nurse for comfort, and can't go to sleep unless I hold her. But again, I can't tell if it's hunger or comfort, and if it's hunger is it because she needs to be eating more during the day.


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    Default Re: Does my 6.5 month need more milk?

    From what I understand, 16-18 ounces should be more than enough milk for your daughter if she is away from you for 10 hours. I believe that it is recommended that you leave 1-1.5 ounces for each hour you are away from your baby during the first year. I am lucky if my nine month old will take a 3 ounce bottle every few hours when I'm at work. He nurses like crazy when I get home, however. He does eat solids much better at daycare than at home. Perhaps sending solids to your DCP might help curb the over-feeding (18-20 ounces - if I'm adding correctly - is way too much for 10 hours) they are doing with the bottle.

    Don't doubt yourself. You are absolutely correct about breast milk being much different from formula and changing composition as your baby grows.

    My son also wakes at night to nurse, and I'm pretty certain that he truly needs to eat at these times (although I want to provide him comfort at night if that is what he needs, so maybe you will get a better perspective from other moms). By six months, and often earlier, babies get very distracted during the day and often nurse the best at night when they are sleepy. Thus, I would be very careful in trying to limit nighttime nursing.

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    Default Re: Does my 6.5 month need more milk?

    That's a lot of milk for that time frame. Most BF babies, no matter the age, take 1 to 1.5 oz per hour they are separated from mom.

    The night nursing is totally normal. Some babies do what's called reverse cycling, to reconnect with mom and to get more nutrition directly from the breast. Others just do it for the comfort. Either way, it's a need, and sleep training only trains your baby that her needs are not all that important, IMHO. Anyway, I would be wary of that for a 6 month old. All of mine night nursed for need and comfort until around 12 months; a couple even went past that. We did night wean around 12 months with the first, but the others just dropped it on their own.

    Anyway, there are some things you can do about the overfeeding:
    check your nipples. If you've been using them for any length of time, they are probably wearing out. Replace them.
    Try a sippy cup for one feeding.
    Add some more solids if you feel comfortable with the sitter doing that.
    check on how they are offering comfort. I had one sitter who just popped a bottle in at the first hint of a noise from the baby, and that sitter would feed a baby way, way too much milk. I ended up changing sitters.

    But you are right. Your milk is all she needs, and she does not need 8 oz of it at a feeding. 4 oz is probably right, give or take a bit.
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    Default Re: Does my 6.5 month need more milk?

    Thanks for the reassurance. I was thinking that I need to be firmer with DCP - unfortunatly one is my mom She's with her two days a week, and then in daycare 3 so there's also a consistency issue I feel I'm fighting. But, everyone says how happy my LO is, so I guess something's working.

    She's actually been doing better at night the past two nights, going to sleep easier, sleeping longer. Of course, when she wakes at 5 (and my alarm is scheduled to go off at 5:30) I no longer try to get her to go back to sleep in her crib and just snuggle in bed with her and she goes right back out. Which might bite me in the butt at a later point, but in the meantime, it's so lovely and makes us both happy.

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    Default Re: Does my 6.5 month need more milk?

    I totally agree! And those morning snuggles are the best. I totally don't buy that stuff about bad habits. I think babies remember (on some level) those snuggly times their whole lives. Just my opinion.

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