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Thread: Trying to figure out what's what

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    I'm newly breastfeeding my new guy, born at 36.5. He was in the NICU for six days, but they were really helpful with getting him on breastmilk with very little needed supplementing of formula (they got me on a pump almost immediately despite an emergency c-section). He still hasn't developed a latch, so I use a nipple shield. We've gone through two different feeding schedules, and now are on full breast feed for 30 minutes, alternating with 20 minutes on breast and ten on a bottle. This has been the hardest for me emotionally, because he doesn't seem to be feeding hardly at all. There are times he will only stay on the breast for a few minutes and others where he just fusses instead of eats. I'm concerned he's going to backslide and am looking for some guidance as to ideas to wake him up or if I should try to call a meeting with the Pediatrition and the Lactation consultant for us to come up with something to keep him going so he doesn't lose mass.

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    I would book with the lactation consultant right away. Even if it's just to confirm that you're doing just fine! It's always nice to have some reassurance. This way you can be sure to address any problems before they become problems.

    One thing that I took away from my NICU experience was to not snuggle / cuddle overly when nursing. Nursing time is for nursing. So we would unwrap the baby, allow some cooler air to get at them, tickle their feet, rub their back, etc. in order to keep them awake. Also be sure to burp frequently. In between switching breasts, I would also change their diaper. It would help to wake them to refocus on the second breast.
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    congratulations Babyfish!
    Some babies transfer to being breastfeeders when they are fed the expressed breastmilk from the bottle FIRST and then finish off with the breast. you might even try transitioning away from the shield if you bottle feed him first so that he will not be distracted by hunger while trying to latch on.
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    with amysmom: you absolutely should go and see the LC for hands-on help. I also suggest checking out these links for strategies that may help you and your baby avoid nipple confusion (where the baby comes to prefer bottle to breast): http://kellymom.com/bf/pumping/bottle-feeding.html and http://kellymom.com/bf/pumping/alternative-feeding.html. Since your baby will latch onto the breast, it seems to me that he would be a good candidate for an at-the-breast supplementer. Medela makes them, as does a company called Lact-Aid.

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