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Thread: ENT or Dentist

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    My 10 week old DD has a very tight upper lip tie. We went to the ENT and said he does not clip in his office, but in the operating room. He said he had never done a child so young, but was willing to do it since I believe it is causing our BFing issues. She will have to go under and it is scheduled for Oct 6. I'm debating. 1-it makes me nervous her going under & 2-I hate the thought of her being under from midnight until after the surgery.

    There is a Pedi Dentist in town, who he recommended I take my older children to to see if he would clip theirs in office.

    Should I call the Dentist to see if he would clip DD's in office or just have it done under general in the operating room?

    For those who have had them clipped, who did it & where (in office or operating room)?

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    I think it depends on who has more experience with clipping it, since it sounds like you have the option of both. My DS was tongue tied, and his pediatrician wanted to wait until a lot later to get it clipped (if at all). I ended up taking him to the pediatric dentist in town, and they ended up clipping it in the office. They numbed the area (and gave him some sort of gas? just in case), but he was awake the whole time.

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