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Thread: decreasing supply?

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    Default decreasing supply?

    Hi All,

    I know I've posted a few times about low supply already but this time I'm really wondering. I know to watch diaper output and weight gain and they seem to be appropriate so far. Although yesterday after 12 hours of sleep she had only had a slightly wet diaper. And her next diaper was wet but not soaking and that was a few hours later. So her next feed I felt the need to give her a bottle to I knew how much she was getting and then I pumped. I got my usual 4 oz. I breastfed the next few feeds but decided to give her a bottle at bedtime which was 9PM. I pumped at that time and I got probably around 3 oz. She doesn't usually eat after that so I pumped again at 12 to try to have a supply for today to use with her rice cereal. I only got about 2.5 oz.

    I know pump output is not always a good indicator of what the baby is getting when she breastfeeds, but I guess it's a little disconcerning that my pump output was less than usual. Do you think the output at 12PM was because I have not pumped or fed at this time for several weeks so I was just not making much at that time? This morning I felt fuller but not engorged. And so far today her wet diapers have been better.

    So what do you guys think? Should I pump more often? When I go to work which is 2-3 times a week, I pump 3 times a day. When I'm not working I try to EBF.

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    So the lowest output you saw was at midnight? It's very normal to have more milk available in the morning and less in the evening. Plus, if your baby doesn't normally nurse at that time of night, your body may have adjusted to that.

    It sounds like it was the not very wet diapers that led to your concern... Do you think it might help to track her diaper output for a couple days? You could see if there's a pattern, or if those diapers were an isolated incident.
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    Default Re: decreasing supply?

    Thanks Karen. That's what I'm hoping it is. I'm watching her diaper output so we'll see if this was an isolated day...otherwise she seems satisfied...although sometimes hard to tell because she sucks her thumb all the time.

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