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Thread: Milk supply & sleeping through the night

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    Question Milk supply & sleeping through the night

    My LO is just past 3 months old and has recently started to sleep in longer stretches... usually up to 7 hours long. Last night, she slept 9 hours straight! During the day, she feeds every 2 hours and in the evening, it's more like every 1 or 1.5 hours. My concern is that these long stretches at night will diminish my milk supply. I haven't had low milk supply problems before. In fact, at the beginning I seemed to have mild oversupply issues. Is it okay to let my baby sleep as long as she wants or do I need to wake her up to eat? I'm not concerned about her getting enough to eat... she is in the 97th percentile for weight and is gaining weight consistently. I'm just worried about my milk supply being diminished.

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    As long as you are feeding on demand, you shouldn't have any problem with supply.

    If only I had the problem of the baby sleeping through the night.
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