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Thread: did i do something wrong? period?

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    Default did i do something wrong? period?

    Morning all.

    so i am very worried. my dd is 7 months old and i nurse on demand.

    She has been eating more frequently but she is more distracted during the days and so i figured that was why. Well my period just started today. Shouldn't it start after i stop bf? will it reduce completely? She bf when she wakes up and every time she wakes up at night to fall asleep, and all day.

    I have given her tiny bits of food here and there but nothing constant. i am worried my milk is reducing? could that be why she eats more often? she isnt that fussy though..

    also i dont get as engorged as i used to but i feel like i have enough. i always seem to be leaking...

    please, if anyone can give any kind of insight i would appreciate it.


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    Default Re: did i do something wrong? period?

    No, there are any number of reasons why it restarted. I demand fed both of my girls and both times it returned at 16 weeks.

    Don't worry, I nursed DD1 to 17 months and DD2 is just over a year and we're still nursing. Your period won't be the end of your BF relationship at all.
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    Default Re: did i do something wrong? period?

    With DD AF came back at 8 months, we nursed until she was just over 3. With DS AF came back at about 18 months PP and he is still nursing. My supply usually does drop a bit just before AF starts, but is back to normal within a few days. Your DD will probably want to murse more in those few days before your AF starts since your supply is lower.

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    Default Re: did i do something wrong? period?

    Remember usually is not always. AF had come back by 4 months with my first two. With my daughter it started the same day she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma--talk about being kicked while you are down! But with my latest LO we are past 6 months and nothing. All three were EBF. I know some women will see a decrease in supply right before their period but it comes back to normal.

    Not feeling engorged says that your body is adjusted to how much your LO wants to eat--that's a good thing!

    Sounds like you are doing great!
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    Default Re: did i do something wrong? period?

    thanks ladies Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll much better

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    Default Re: did i do something wrong? period?

    mine came back at 7 months too and I freaked out that I was doing something wrong as well! just so you know you're not alone I've heard they can be a bit wonky at first for some ladies: long cycles and such. I was due for my second period last week, but nothing yet (although I had my typical belly ache yesterday so maybe it's on it's way?). If you do have a drop in supply during your period I've heard ladies here talk about taking a magnesium supplement from ovulation until period to help with that.
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