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Thread: Difference between thrush and eczema?

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    Default Difference between thrush and eczema?

    Let me start by saying that I AM going to see a doctor about this but I have to wait until next week for an appointment so I'm desperate. I have what I decided to be thrush after reading articles and looking at pictures and seeing a LC. The LC said it may be just eczema but I have to see a doctor and test to make sure. I assumed it is thrush because I have the following symptoms:
    - red, flaky, shiny circle around nipple since about a month and growing bigger;
    - two painful cracks at the base of the nipple since last week, before that I felt some itching and odd sensations;
    - my baby had white patches on the insides of her cheeks a few months ago. pedi treated it with Daktarin and they disappeared but maybe were not completely gone?? she doesn't have visible white patches right now

    anyway, I've been taking an Omega-3 supplement for a week for a potential eczema (as per LC's advice) and 3 days ago I started treating my nipples with Miconasole and GSE and taking a probiotic as I assumed thrush. I also give the GSE and probiotic to my daughter. The thing is, I don't see any improvement yet which makes me wonder if it is really thrush or what. Is it just too soon? When should I begin to see results? How can I tell the difference between thrush and eczema or other possible conditions? I am in a lot of pain and desperate for some quick results
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    Default Re: Difference between thrush and eczema

    I'm sorry, it looks like this got missed when you posted it.

    Did you have your appointment? What did you find out?

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