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Thread: is this an ok pump?

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    Question is this an ok pump?

    my keys are messed up i spilt water on comp. may not come on 4 awhile just
    wanted to ask is this pump ok 4 someone who needs it just once a week or so?

    thanks ladies 4 all the help!

    Mom (7/2011 & 3/2009) & Wife

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    Default Re: is this an ok pump?

    I don't know Mama - I'd say run as fast as you can from that pump.
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    Default Re: is this an ok pump?

    hopefully i can get a wic 1 instead ...im typing w/ onscreen keyboard ...note to self dont spill water on comp.
    Mom (7/2011 & 3/2009) & Wife

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    Default Re: is this an ok pump?

    If it was an electric, I would say NO WAY. But it's a manual. You might get away with pumping once in a while with that. For that price, you can try it and see.

    However, that brand's electric pumps are terrible. I wouldn't have great hopes for their manual pumps.
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    Run away from that one!!! I have it and its terrible. When I had my baby (who is an poor nurser) we were released on a Friday and that was all I could get. Its awful and does not work very well.

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