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Thread: Lipase ?

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    If you didn't have an issue with lipase with your first child, can you have it with your second? Is it something you either have or don't? My 2nd child isn't taking a bottle very well so I wondered if this might be an issue? But, i didn't have a lipase problem when it breastfeed my first child.


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    I suspect I had excessive lipase with both of my lovely children, however my dd never batted an eye while my son (currently 5 mo old) wouldn't eat it. So it may be that your first child was not as picky or it could be that there is another reason your child is refusing the bottle. My suggestion, if you have any suspicion that you have excessive lipase, read the thread on this forum about lipase and scalding. There is so much info about lipase on there that you will know exactly how to determine if you have a lipase issue and exactly what to do about it if you do.

    Good luck!

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    i dont know if i had any lipase issues with my first but i did have it a few months ago. i have noticed i have less of an issue now so i no longer scald unless freezing.

    basically, to find out if it is lipase or if lo is just refusing the bottle, express some and leave it in the fridge. periodically taste it and see at what point it tastes "off" if its not for several days its probably not lipase. but you do want to be SURE if you are freezing since the enzymes are active (although slowed) when frozen.

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    I didn't have a known lipase issue until my THIRD child was like 7-8-9 months old.

    I kind of wonder if I had one with my second baby, as he stopped taking bottles well sometime in the second half of his first year, but I didn't even think to check
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