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Thread: Mommy with questions------

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    Question Mommy with questions------

    Soooooooo I have a few things that I would like input on.

    First, my DS is now going to bed around 11:30pm and waking anywhere between 4:30am and 5:30am...then every hour till its time to get up. I like this new sleeping habit but I am wondering if this will ruin my supply. He still sleeps in our room in a pack n play right beside my bed.

    My next concerns is, my son had his 2month shots this morning. He seemed to have done really well. He was sleeping a lot the first few hours and I started to think that this was all I was going to deal with. I fed him at 1pm and then he fell asleep. He then woke up around 3pm and was screaming like I have never heard before, his leg was bright red and very hot, he was running a fever as well. I tried to nurse him and he wouldn't. I tried and tried and nothing. I called the doc and was told to give tylenol and rock him till he was ready to nurse. At this point we are 4 hours without feeding Finally my husband came home and rocked my son so that I could pump because my breasts were gonna burst. Around 7pm he FINALLY nursed! The pumped milk is still sitting on the counter and I can't bring myself to use it. Will this day affect my supply?

    AND one last question, currently there is only a binky in the car when needed and no bottles except once when on a trip and unable to nurse. He hates the binky but hushes in a pinch He takes to a NUK bottle and does well with it. I would like to be able to go to the gym for an hour, go to dinner with a friend....and not bring my little guy. How do I go about pumping for the occasional bottle without affecting my supply?

    Ok so I think thats it. Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Mommy with questions------

    Usually, as long as you are feeding on demand during the day, you shouldn't have problems with supply, even when LO starts sleeping longer at night. And one day of not feeding normally will not affect supply. My LO this summer didn't eat normally every time we were driving all day for trips. I ended up a bit engorged but everything was fine the next day. Our ped suggests giving Tylenol right after the appointment after shots, before any reaction. That might stop him from getting really unhappy.

    As to pumping, when I was pumping to build up a supply before going back to work I would try to pump not too long after he had fed and no more than twice a day. Even if you LO decides he needs to eat right after you pump, he is much more efficient at getting milk out and your breasts continue to produce so he will be fine.
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    Default Re: Mommy with questions------

    Get that milk in the fridge!

    It's totally fine that your LO is sleeping longer at night. I've heard of babies that sleep 8 or more hours straight (not in my house!) and it doesn't seem to affect mom's supply. When my LO was about the age of yours, she was sleeping about the length, sometimes as long as 7 hours. I never had a supply problem. I would wake her if it went longer than 7 hours because I was usually in pain and leaking all over the bed by then. If you have some fullness due to the longer sleep, trust that your body will figure it out and regulate your supply. You could also pump sometime in there to build a little stash, but who really wants to pump at night unless they really have to?

    If you only want to pump to have a little extra milk in the freezer, but not stock a huge milk warehouse for going back to work, I would aim to pump only a few times a week. Right after nursing is a good time, so you can be sure your LO has had his fill. Review the necessary information for storing milk. It's nice to freeze it in 2-3 oz bags so you have a good amount if you want to dash out for a couple hours, and don't have to throw too much extra away.

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