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Thread: weaning 16 month old twins

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    My boys will be 16 months old next week. I'm starting to get that feeling that maybe it's time to wean. I'm ready to have my body back. One of my boys sleeps through the night most all the time. My other darling boy is up in between 1 and 4 each morning ready to nurse till 6 or so. I'm not getting much sleep and neither is Daddy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about weaning? I'm ok with keeping maybe the morning and evening session before bed, but really ready for all the others to stop. If we are out and about during the day on the weekends, they do just fine with their sippy cups of milk and don't ask to nurse. If we are home however, they want me all the time.
    They stay with my grandma and a family friend during the day and take their naps just fine for them without even using a sippy cup. Usually just a few minutes in the rocking chair and they are out.

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    It's sounds like you've already figured out the main tool in weaning -- distraction! Staying busy and spending less time in the places where they're used to nursing usually works best for daytime feedings. Nighttime can be harder. Have you read The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley? I've heard a lot of the moms here say they found it helpful.

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