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Thread: Traveling away from DD and milk storage

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    Default Traveling away from DD and milk storage

    So, we're going to take our oldest to Disneyland in a few weeks (yay). We've decided to leave the 11 month old with her grandparents. We just felt that the older one needed some mom and dad time and that the little one wouldn't be able to do most of the rides and would get kind of wiped out and grumpy. I have lots of milk to leave, we'll be gone 3 nights.

    My question is, should I try to freeze what I pump while we're gone or just transport it back in a cooler unfrozen? What would be the best way to transport it on a plane?

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    Default Re: Traveling away from DD and milk stor

    try to freeze it in the hotel freezer at the end of each day and bring it back home frozen.
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    Default Re: Traveling away from DD and milk stor

    How long will the travel time be door to door? You may want to transport it unfrozen but cold with ice packs. If you freeze it first and it thaws during travel it must be used within 24hrs of thawing. Whereas refrigerated milk is good for up to 7 days.

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    I would try to transport it back fresh -- not frozen. If it thaws, you have to use it. And if you get delayed, the flight is cancelled, whatever, then you have to scramble around trying to keep it frozen.

    However, if you have a lipase problem, fresh might not work unless you scald it there and then keep it in the fridge.

    I'd just put it in a tote with a cold pack. Breastmilk is OK at room temp for up to 10 hours.
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