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Thread: Baby never pulls himself off

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    I'm a FTM and so I'm very new to this whole BF thing. My son is just over two weeks old now and everything seems to be going great for breastfeeding, except for one thing: he doesn't ever pull himself off, he tends to fall asleep, or come close to it, every time. As a result, I never know when he's really done. Half the time when I decide he looks done and I pull him off myself he wakes up and then howls for more. So then it's a game of nursing for about ten more minutes until he does it again, then pulling him off again, and seeing if he howls for more. Before I know it a whole hour has gone by and I feel like it should have taken less time!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    My DS is doing the same thing at 4 weeks. He's only ever pulled himself off 4 or 5 times. There are times when the "wake the sleepy baby" tricks work to keep him sucking, and times when they don't. We're still working on this, and he's still learning. Not much advice, sorry, but I thought I'd let you know you're not alone! Keep trying!

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    congrats! how are you feeling in general?

    being constantly attached to the breast is normal for babies, esp when they are so little. that is his happy place food, love, warmth, safety, your smell, heartbeat. all good things to him.

    i learned to just leave my little one there or switch him to the other breast.

    just get a pillow/boppy, nice cozy spot, snakcs, water, laptop, books, and plan to stay there all day

    i the new edition of the womanly art of breastfeeding and read that in the first weeks of my son's life.

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    Default Re: Baby never pulls himself off

    The PP is right...newborn babies love being at the breast 24/7. Remember, they use it for comfort and sleep, not just as a source of food. As your baby gets stronger and his sleep cycles normalize a bit, he will probably spend less and less time there. For now, do as mtmama suggested: get a good book or find a great movie to watch, settle back and relax!
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    There's this thing called the Pantley pull off. Google that and essentially, when baby switches to the flutter nursing, you can gently unlatch baby and get them off. It takes practice though, and it doesn't always work, but it's OK...this does pass. I miss that stage.
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