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    I though things were going well...now I'm not so sure? My little guy was born on 4/19 and weighed 9lb 4 oz. He dropped down to 8 lb 2oz at his appt on 4/22, so I supplemented with a half ounce of formula after feedings for 24 hours and he was 8 lb 9oz the next day so 4/23. Hes been ebf since then. At his 6 week checkup he was 10 lb 10 oz(50th percentile). Then, last week at his 4 month appt, he was 12 lb 14 oz (11th percentile). He is always content after feedings, rolling over and very close to crawling. The doc said she would be concerned if he dropped percentiles again at his next appt, but I want to know what I can do to get some weight on him. He eats about every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day and typically twice at night. It's just discouraging to still feel like he isn't gaining enough. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Do you nurse him untill he stops nursing? How do you know when he is done a feeding? Do you feed from both sides?

    Are you and/or your lo's father small?
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    How many wet or poopy diapers does he have? There is variation between checkups as to percentiles--sometimes it can be as simple as at the 6 month checkup his bladder was full and at 4 months it wasn't. If he has plenty of wet and poopy diapers, I would trust the doctor and keep feeding him as you have.
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    My son was born 4/22! He was 8lb 10oz at birth, dropped to 7lb 14oz then just recently at our 4 month check up he was 13lb 5oz with his diaper on (we cloth diaper so when its dry that adds 4oz). He is alert and meeting his milestones, a very happy baby. He wakes twice between 9pm and 7am, I feed on demand. We just have little guys!

    Is your son long? My son is in the 15% for weight but 85% for height. My son's pedi told me some babies are small and some are big, that being in the 15% doesn't mean he is underweight. It just means he is on the lower end of the normal range.

    I only just recently accepted him for a what he is! I was always comparing to my sister's baby who was huge, but my husband and I are both smaller people and I think we are just going to have a little peanut, and he's so cute ^__^ Hang in there, don't doubt yourself unless there are some real red flags like listlessness, lack of wet diapers, lethargy, etc.

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    Breastfed babies tend to fall down the percentiles as they become mobile. All the calories that used to get packed on as fat are burned up in motion, instead. It sounds like you have an unusually active little guy, so it isn't that surprising that he's dipped a bit on the charts. Just remember that the charts are only one tool for evaluatng a baby. They are not the final word on a baby's health or growth status. Being small is not the same as being unhealthy- you can have small healthy babies and big, unhealthy ones. Statistically speaking, there are just as many healthy babies in the 11th percentile as their are in the 89th. And you wouldn't worry if your baby was in the 89th percentile, right?

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