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    I posted a similar post in Breastfeeding While Pregnant but this board looks like it gets a bit more traffic and really I think it's more of a weaning issue anyway.

    I really need to start weaning DS. He's only 12 months, but I am overwhelmed by his nursing demands and now that I'm pregnant again he's exhausting me by still waking up 3-4 times a night to nurse.

    I've tried all the regular tips and none have worked.

    Distractions - MAYBE last a few minutes. He's a very focused baby.
    Food - He already eats 3 full meals, snacks between and drinks water from a cup. He refuses to drink cows milk and doesn't particularly like juice.
    Reason - He's not old enough to be reasoned with - although trust me I've tried.

    If he's distracted by any of the above he makes it up by asking again a bit later and he's throwing unbelievable fits (smacking and kicking me). I'm starting to make less milk now that I'm pregnant and it only seems to be causing him to nurse MORE which is not only futile and exhausting but painful.

    I'm at a loss. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Does anyone have some golden advice for how to handle this?
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    First off, you are pretty early in pregnancy. Things will change, and it will be OK.

    The MORE is normal, unfortunately.

    What I would suggest is night-weaning and seeing where that takes you. It may make it easier for you to manage the rest of the antics of a toddler. How we've done that is have Daddy step up and take over night-time parenting. I go sleep elsewhere, so toddler doesn't see newly preggers and tired mama, and Daddy gets up with toddler. He offers comfort. It's not what toddler wants, but it's comfort. It's not like toddler is screaming somewhere alone. And it is over in a few days. Then I'm able to deal with the incessant requests to nurse, and before I know it -- and several times, before I was 6 months along -- toddler has quit nursing. There was one of mine who kept nursing quite a long time, and it's possible to keep nursing throughout the pregnancy.

    But for us, the night-weaning made it possible for me to manage the rest of it.

    The fits I would handle separately, honestly. I have one child who would throw those kind of fits, and I got up and walked away from him when he would hit and bite and kick.

    You may find Adventures in Tandem Nursing helpful
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