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Thread: So we've started...

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    Default So we've started...

    My DD just turned two on 8/11, and we are starting now to wean.
    My DH and I really really want to have another baby, and it's just not happening. DD was nursing easily 10-20 times a day (mostly out of boredom/habit, such as when I am reading to her). We are hoping that scaling back will prompt ovulation.

    I'm really happy that we made it past the 2 year mark! I pretty much had it in mind that I wanted to wean at some point in the third year, so this is good. It keeps making me feel alternately sad and happy to think of.

    So far (we started yesterday), it's been easier than I expected. She seems very accepting nearly every time I tell her she can't nurse right now ("It's not time for milk.. it's time for ---a book, lunch, playing with blocks, etc"). I am still nursing her at bedtime, naptime, and first thing in the morning... those are the only nursing sessions we did today. I am not going to abruptly stop those ones. It's the ONLY way to get her a nap, and she wakes up earlier than I want to get up... so the morning one is staying a while.

    Just wanted to get it out there to the ladies that "get it"!
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    Default Re: So we've started...

    Good for you for getting to your goal! it must be heartbreaking and liberating at the same time!
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