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Thread: Question about breast softness

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    Default Question about breast softness

    I cannot tell a difference in how my breasts feel after I feed my daughter who is 15 weeks old. Is that normal? I have read in several places that you should be able to feel a distinct difference in a breast that has been emptied and one that has not, I was a C/D cup before pregnancy, now I am a cup or 2 larger. Also, sometimes she fusses on the breast and then will cram her hands into her mouth right after I feed her, but then she will calm down a few minutes later with her paci. I just don't know what to make of that since Jack Newman says an unsatisfied baby will often do this. Any thoughts? I recently quit all my pumping and herbs to see what body is actually doing a week or so ago.

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    Some moms can feel a distinct difference in the breast after the baby nurses, but not all. It is particularly difficult to feel a difference if you have breasts that are on the larger size. Your baby may be eating only 2-3 oz at a time- that would be typical for a breastfed baby though some eat more and some less- and it's pretty easy to hide that small volume of milk in a larger breast.

    Hand-sucking is a fairly reliable hunger cue in the very beginning, but as a baby gets older and discovers that she can maneuver her hands into her mouth, hand-sucking becomes more recreational and less connected to hunger. If you're ever in doubt, just offer the breast again. Worst thing that happens: you unhooked your bra for no reason.

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    I cannot feel a difference unless I have gone 12+ hours without nursing like I do overnight. I have large breasts so I think that does make a difference. My daughter used to suck her hands like that around that age as well, I don't think it always means they are hungry.

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    Default Re: Question about breast softness

    once again, we're on the same page! My Phoebe has been munching on her hands, also. Pretty sure she's teething, though, as she's 4 months adjusted this week (5 months actual) and has been drooly and whiny, lately, too! Pediatrician said she doesn't see teeth but suspects they're moving. I still sometimes get engorged on weekends when I am EBF, but otherwise, I never really feed "full" and have heard that breast firmness/softness isn't really a good indicator of anything once supply and demand is more established. I just get OS b/c of pumping, which I have to do b/c of working full time. Today was the first time EVER that I pumped less than 7oz. (I "only" got 5 oz) LOL
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    Sometimes babies just like to suck/chew on things. DD was a hard-core thumb sucker, but that would never substitute for nursing. DS1 really liked his pacifier and never wanted to comfort nurse like DD. My current LO explored most of his hands for sucking but seems to be settling on his thumb now, although he still will chew on the odd stuffed animal.

    I only notice breast fullness when nursing has been delayed. For example when we would travel this summer, LO would not necessarily want to nurse when the car stopped and I would end up engorged. But if I spend the day with him on a normal basis I really can't tell.
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    I typically do feel a slight difference in breast fullness after DD has nursed, but it seems from PPs that this is a pretty individual thing. I just want to add to what has already been said that if you have any doubt about whether your LO is getting enough, do a diaper count for a couple days. Kellymom has info on how many dirtys and wets you should be seeing, as well as what kind of weight gain to look for. It sounds like you are concerned about your supply, so having some different things to look for might help put your mind at ease.

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