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Thread: New Mom, pain in 1 side.

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    Unhappy New Mom, pain in 1 side.

    Hi everyone, I'm a new mom with a 2.5 week old son. When DS was born we had a hard time with latching, he wouldn't suck but would bite/clamp down. During the next several days, my right side developed a cracked nipple and it was VERY painful to feed him. I still continued to feed him from my right, but when engorgement happened I finally saw a lactation consultant who helped me figure out that he wasn't latching on properly. Over the next week, things got better, nipple started healing well. The initial pain when he first starts feeding is still there, very painful, enough to make me want to cry. After counting to 10 or so the pain will dull down to a more tolerable pain that I can manage for 15-20 minutes before forcing DS off. The other thing is that he also coughs/gags/sputters when on the right breast and he's started to pull back while still latched on, which doesn't help at all . I really want to continue to breastfeed but I have to admit that when feeding with my right side, formula feeding crosses my mind... One of the other things I got confused about was if I should be using my right breast more or less for this to heal/resolve?

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    Hi there , my baby is now 6 weeks old and I totally understand because I went through the same thing around 3 weeks ago.

    Here is what helped me:
    Cracked nipples: Healed in 2-3 days with PureLan by medela. After each feeding session express little milk and coat nipple. Let it dry before wearing bra back on. Use a good quality breast pad. I use mothercare and that works well for me. I switched to Chicco and it gave me terrible pain and actually dried out my nipple.

    Engorgement: I pumped all the milk out till the last drop and that solved the issue for me. Since then I have not been engorged the milk has balanced itself to match babys need. I would suggest pump and feed baby the expressed milk with a spoon or finger feeder and till it heals if its too painful. I needed to take a break for just 1 day and I was fine to feed again.

    DO NOT use breast less. It can cause more trouble with engorgement and mastitis.

    Hope this helps!!

    U are doing great!

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    I agree with PP. When my daughter was around 6 weeks old, I had an open wound on one nipple. I fought through it every time I fed her because everyone had told me that "breastfeeding always hurts at the beginning." When I saw my doctor at my 6 week checkup, she was MORTIFIED that I'd been wincing through the pain and still feeding my daughter on that side. She (an awesome, breastfeeding mother of 3) told me to express the milk from that hurt side and only feed on the ok side until I healed.

    So then you have a choice: as PP suggests, you can feed in alternate ways. A bottle is up to you, but there's also a syringe and other such methods of feeding. Here's a link to how you can feed with alternate methods on kellymom.

    I really hope that helps!
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    2 things going on. One, it sounds like you have a strong letdown. Check this part of Kellymom out. Second, it sounds like your baby might have a side preference. I would feed your baby in the same position that you use on the side without pain. Meaning, if the right side is the one that hurts, change positions to the same as the left (so cross cradle for one breast and then football for the other). I found that helped my nipples heal, my sons mouth was in a different position, and put him in the same position that seemed comfortable when things were going right. Also, if you do have a strong letdown, he could be compensating for it and clamping down to slow the flow. That would definitely cause pain. I would however not take the baby off the breast. Using another method to feed will only prolong the issues.
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    Hey just wanted to thank everyone that responded! DS is one month old today and wanted to update how he's doing. He's doing great latch-wise, he'll still try to pull away while still latched on the right, still working on OALD but doing better with block feeding. I also unlatch him and express by hand for a second or two then relatch him. It seems to be helping along with positioning him higher than my breast. I'm still not good at different positions but I try every once in a while. Still working on it.

    Thanks again!

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