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Thread: Mirena IUD and Breastfeeding

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    Default Mirena IUD and Breastfeeding

    I just had my 6-week postpartum appointment this week, and when talking about birth control options, my OBGYN and I decided Mirena sounded best for me. She said it would not have any effect on my milk supply or on BF. She also said that the side effects are mild and the serious side effects are very rare. But, when I did more research, I found that a few women have reported a decrease in milk supply, although you shouldn't if your supply is well established. I have an appointment to have it put in in two and a half weeks, which will put me at almost 9 weeks postpartum.

    I am curious of other people's experience or opinion on Mirena, and how it impacted their BF relationship, milk supply, and also other side effects and pros and cons of it.

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    Default Re: Mirena IUD and Breastfeeding

    I haven't personally used Mirena, but it seems like there are a fair number of mamas who come through this forum who have had negative impacts on their supply when using Mirena. And one of the problems with Mirena is that you can't just stop using it if you notice a problem- you have to make an appointment and get it removed, wand what do you do about milk supply in the meantime? If you feel like you don't want to take the chance, here are some alternatives to think about:
    - non-hormonal IUD (ParaGard)- it will not affect supply, but also can cause heavier-than-normal menstrual flow
    - mini-pill- like all hormonal contraception, it can affect supply but the advantage is that you can stop it immediately if you notice a negative effect
    - barrier methods (condoms, diaphragm, cervical cap)- cheap, effective, will not impact milk supply, but not a great choice for couples who can't commit to using them correctly every single time
    - fertility awareness methods (FAM)- free, effective (when used correctly, and depending on method chosen), can be combined with barrier methods, but take time to master and are therefore not a good choice for a mama who has never used them before
    - lactational amenorrhea method (LAM)- about 99% effective if you meet all the following criteria: 1) baby leas than 6 months old, 2) menstrual cycle has not returned, 3) baby is exclusively breastfed, no bottles, pacifiers, or solids, and 4) baby never goes more than 6 hours without nursing.

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    Default Re: Mirena IUD and Breastfeeding

    I had my mirena put in at 8 weeks pp. I'm now 11 weeks and I haven't noticed any adverse effects. My midwife suggested it as I am a fertile mirtle and DO NOT want to get pregnant right now she said it wouldn't effect my milk supply since it was progesterone only and such a small amount released right at the uterus. Hope my experience helps!
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