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Thread: Reflux/Oversupply?

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    Default Reflux/Oversupply?

    My LO will be 5 months in a few days (I can't believe it!). She is EBF, and we've never really had any major issues, or at least I hope I haven't been blind to the following potential issue. She's been on path with gaining weight. At the last check up (4 months), she was 13 lbs 7 oz.
    In the past...
    Between 0-2 months, she was a major spit-upper (like she had to change clothes and I had to change clothes.), but I think this was related to the vitamins and I was still taking. Also, at 3 months, I spotted a little blood in her poop twice. The doctor said it was an anal fissure. I freaked out and was worrying about oversupply, but she really never showed any other symptoms (green poop, etc.) Hasn't happened since.
    Issue that currently has me concerned...
    She has started spitting up the past few days much more than normal (more in frequency and in actual spit up). She has also had some pretty deep burps and is drooling a lot. She typically feeds for about 5-10 minutes, but frequently pulls off the breast- typically just to look around or play with her hands. She does end some feedings by fussing and arching her back. Also, she is a car seat screamer, which I read can be related to reflux.
    So, I'm wondering if I have an oversupply issue. Not sure what would start it at this stage in the game, or if I've always had it. I haven't pumped since she was about 10 weeks. And, we pretty much always just nurse from one breast, and I do block nursing if I feel engorged (rarely, but occasionally in the mornings.) I've had one "super soaker" breast expereince in the past 2 weeks. She has started sleeping through the nights this past week, so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it because she has 1 or 2 less feedings at night, but they were small to start with.

    Any tips or insight is appreciated! It makes me feel terrible to think that I could be making my LO hurt!
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    Default Re: Reflux/Oversupply?

    It's possible that this is reflux, and it's possible that it's oversupply- but it would be weird to have either one of these issues crop up qt five months, since they both typically improve as time goes on. The fact that your baby doesn't have green poop makes me think it's not oversupply, but the blood could be an indicator of oversupply... Honestly, at 5 months my first guess would be that she's teething. Drooling often increases when teeth are popping through.

    This link on the causes of fussiness might help: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...e-nursing.html

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