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Thread: Just a couple questions.

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    Default Just a couple questions.

    My little Robert is about to be 6 months old, and for the last couple of weeks we have been trying out the pureed foods at his absolute demand lol. He does well with those besides a bit of constipation that a little prune juice fixed

    We have only been doing a bit of food once a day, he still nurses tons, I guess I am just wondering when its ok to give him some things to eat on his own, and when thats ok to do? You would think I could remember from my 10 year old but I can't remember exactly when and how I did it with him.

    Any info you ladies might have would be great, he is very interested in trying to use his spoon himself (also in covering himself in peas lol ) I just am not sure whats ok at this age. He will be 6 months on the 4th

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    Default Re: Just a couple questions.

    I don't really think there is a hard and fast rule. It depends so much on the LO. I gave my kids a spoon to play with immediately knowing full well the odds of any food getting in their mouth was super slim. It was more to entertain and develop motor skills. If you're interested in giving him finger foods to self feed then do so. My kids were a little older when they really got good enough pincher motion to pick up food but I just gave them small small pieces of banana, avocado, unmushed peas etc etc.

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    Baby-led solids/baby-led weaning- it's the lazy mom's approach to solid food. No spoons, less splatter, baby goes at his own pace. I did it by necessity with my first kid, since she wouldn't touch food that came in on a spoon, and on purpose with my second.

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    So it is reasonable to let him start testing out what we are eating then? He tries like crazy already but so far I haven't let him steal from my plate

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    At six months, you want to go slow. Try to offer single foods at a time, so that if your baby happens to react to something he eats, you won't be wondering what ingredient in a multi-ingredient meal was the culprit.

    examples of good starter foods for self-feeders:
    Slightly squashed peas and beans
    Mashed soft-cooked carrots or other veggies
    Shredded soft meats

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