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Thread: engorged region?

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    Default engorged region?

    hi llladies!

    the entire top of my right breast is hard. when i touch it it feels almost like a hard flat section of tissue, very strange.

    I dont know if maybe its a large region of plugged ducts

    i am just nursing and using a heating pad in case that is it.

    any ideas or feedback?


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    Default Re: engorged region?

    i've gotten something similar before from a tank that was too tight, it was cutting into that area/causing boob to pop out of the top of the tank. i treated it like plugged duct and it went away. not sure if its similar?
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    Default Re: engorged region?

    i used a heating pat and nursed upside down so jack's jaw was right under the region. it seemed to help a bit. since he was getting restless so i pumped it a bit. it seems better. i fear getting mastitis, especially with this hurricane coming.

    thanks for the help

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    Default Re: engorged region?

    It does sound like a plug to me. Treat with heat, massage, frequent nursing, and varied nursing positions, and stay alert for mastitis symptoms (fever, chills, aches, pains, red streaks/patches on skin of breast).

    Good luck!

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