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    I've been pumping exclusively for about 6 weeks. My breasts feels lumpy and tender repeatedly. Pumping more often used to help, but not anymore. Any suggestion to prevent lumpy/tender breasts to reoccur and how can I treat this without breastfeeding ?

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    I just researched this and found that it's usually caused by you making more milk than is needed. Makes sense in my case, b/c I have an oversupply, and need to provide one "extra" bottle a day for the daycare, so I'm now experiencing a plugged duct, which hasn't happened in a long time. You might want to check out this link http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html
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    How much are you pumping, in a given day? I mean, how many oz?

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    4 oz 6x every 24 hrs.

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    Does that mean you are pumping every 4 hours and not pumping or nursing in between? That sounds like a long time to go without letting off the pressure. Different women have different storage capacity, and if you are one with slightly less capacity, it may simply be that your breasts are having to get overly full (for them) to produce the amount of milk your baby needs. Have you tried pumping a little less milk, but more frequently?

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    Yes I pump every 4 hours. I am trying to maintain milk supply so I pump 15 minutes each session. I am always away and pumping more frequent is very difficult.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    You may need some more time to even out your supply at that amount of pumping.
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