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Thread: Lost weight!

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    Weighed DD this morning and she lost weight. Went down .5 oz from last week. I've had some clogged ducts on the one side since Sunday so I know she's not getting much on that side. We have been supplementing with EBM and formula. She's still her super happy self and output seems fine. What would cause the weight loss and when should I start to worry (more than I already am)?

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    How old is your baby?
    I don't know why she lost that weight other than the cause you mentioned (clogged ducts), but I personally would not start supplementing with formula, especially (but not only) because of a 0.5oz weight loss, and when her diaper output is still fine. I would just offer to nurse more and, if you're concerned about a decreased supply, pump a bit after some feedings? And then probably weigh her again after some time (I don't know how much time to suggest, since I don't know your baby's age. I think the younger the baby is the more of a concern a 0.5oz weight loss is.).

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    How are the plugged ducts now? Has it gotten better?

    I suspect weight gain may not be completely steady from day to day or week to week. And like irismom said, it would depend on how old your baby is. If she's a week old then a difference of .5 oz might be more significant than if she's a month or two old.

    If your supply went down a little from the plugged ducts then she'll regain the weight once it bounces back up. And of course the best thing you can do is nurse a lot! Both for the weight and the plugs.

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    Did you use your home scale, or a professional baby scale? Home scales can be off significantly from weigh-in to weigh-in. A difference of .5 oz wouldn't worry me at all if it was just a home scale.

    When to worry: when diaper output drops below normal, when baby does not seem satisfied after nursing, when baby seems sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*haden View Post
    Nice sharing.
    I am on weight watchers you only get 25 points a day the points are split from the calories in your food so far i lost 30 pounds in only 2 weeks also i exercise almost every morning.

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