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Thread: sleeping and teething and biting: Oh my!

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    Default sleeping and teething and biting: Oh my!

    Hi all -
    My 3 month old (14 weeks) has cut his first tooth - 2nd one is on its way.
    I have several questions.

    I know his teeth are bothering him, so I know that he likes to nurse to help with that pain. This 2nd tooth seems to be less painful for him.

    Last night, he was asleep by 7:30. At 1:30 am, he awoke, and I nursed him. He ate VERY well. Then, at 3:30, he was awake again. I discovered he'd spit up a bit in his bed, so I rearranged him to bother him the least, gave him his pacifier, and he was out again.

    At 5 am, he was up again. I figured it was because he was hungry (this is the most sleep I've gotten in a while!), so I got him up. It was almost as if he was forcing himself to eat. Barely ate, long pauses between sucks, etc. When he got ready to bite me, I pulled him off, put him back in the bed.

    He slept again until about 7 am. I tried to nurse him, but he was piddly again - he drank some, but mostly he bit. So, I pulled him off again.

    He was SLEEPY by 8, so I tried to nurse him (he said no thank you), put him down and at 9:15, he's up and ravenous.

    I'm not sure if I should have tried to nurse him at 5? How do I know if he's hungry or just wants to suck? (he def has a high sucking need) I don't want to disturb his sleep if not needed, but he's so polite, he generally always tries to eat!

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    Default Re: sleeping and teething and biting: Oh

    i think the 5am feed was ok, its what i would have done. in our case, if she wakes up nursing is one of the few things that puts her back to sleep with the least fuss. i think it doesnt hurt to try nursing first, and if he "says no" then you know he wasn't hungry, kwim?

    i think sometimes they develop other hungry cues, you mentioned he takes a paci, so you can try that first and if he falls asleep instantly maybe he just wanted to comfort suck. if he's fussing about it, then maybe he is hungry so you can try that. my lo has taken to rubbing my chest when she really is hungry (even though she looks just sleepy), and just snuggling when she is tired and doesnt want to nurse. i think you'll get some cues eventually.
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