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Thread: Menstruation Resumption

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    Default Menstruation Resumption

    Hi Ladies- I had to wean my baby four weeks ago and still haven't had my first period post-partum. She was 8 months old at the time of weaning, now 9 months old. I realize that everyone is different, but can anyone provide any information as to when it might come back? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the break... I'm just curious...

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    Usually a non-nursing mom will get her cycle back fairly quickly after birth- within about 12 weeks, IIRC. So I would expect it to start up again within a few months of total weaning. If it doesn't, I would see your doctor or midwife- unless you are on hormonal birth control? Hormonal BC can make your period very light or even make it disappear. (And the bleeding you get when on hormonal BC is not actually your period to begin with- it is breakthrough or withdrawal bleeding unconnected with the normal hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle.)

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