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    Question Please Help.

    I will start feeding my son and partway through the feeding his face will turn all red and he will start screaming while still latched on. I unlatch him and try burping him, rubbing his back to calm him down and then when I try to relatch him he starts screaming and crying redfaced again. I pump and occasionally give him a bottle of BM.... Well, he does this with the bottle too! However all through the night he is fine with eating. He only does this during the day, and only for 4 days now. Previously to this he was a cluster-feeding baby in the evenings, would sleep 5-6 hours at night and hardly ever screamed or cried... at least like this.... I have cut out dairy, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, chocolate form my diet when he was about 3 weeks due to fussiness and big spit-ups and cutting those foods out seemed to fix the problem. The past two days now I have given him gas drops because he seemed like he was crampy. They did help with his spit ups and gas, but he is still having these angry crying periods and I can't figure it out. I do have an overactive letdown, but I always will let my milk spray into a breastpad before latching him back on, so I know he is not getting the milk too fast. I think maybe this is a bit of colic, but that still doesn't explain why he screams at my breasts! His poops and pees are normal as well. Also I only feed off of one breast each feeding. Sometimes I will do the same breast two feedings in a row before switching him to the other side. He is 8 weeks old today. I hope I have given enough information for someone to be able to give me ideas what I can do for my son. Please feel free to ask any additional questions! Thanks in advance for any help or information you can provide. I am just starting to really stress out about this, and it has only been four days now... I don't want to give up, but I am scared I am going to...

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    Default Re: Please Help.

    Jle21, I feel for you! I also have overactive let down (as well as oversupply) . I have found changing my feeding positioning to the "down under", block feeding, and letting the milk "spray" into a cloth helpful.

    I noticed that you said it has only been for the last 4 days and only during the day right? Have you introduced anything new to your diet?

    Not sure if I was any help? But hang in there hopefully someone else can chime in

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