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Thread: BLS Suggestions??

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    Default BLS Suggestions??

    My Ava Claire will be 6 months 2moro, which means 6 mths of EBF! Yay us!
    Anyways, she has been showing signs of readiness to start introducing solids (sitting unassisted, interest in food..grabbin my food, trying to chew)

    Well my question is...Do you have any suggestions or pointers? Which foods did you start with first? Should I avoid certain foods?

    All suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: BLS Suggestions??

    I honestly gave anything and everything (healthy things of course).

    First things were pears cut up into french fry shaped sticks. Then a little of whatever we happened to be having. I'm pretty sure I gave him Indian Butter Chicken at 6.5 months! :lol

    I highly recommend Gill Rapley's book on BLS. It may be repetitive but it made me confidant enough where I knew he most likely wouldnt choke and that he could figure out what to do!

    My pointer is don't push it! It may take a few tries of her just messing with it to actually eat anything. You will know by her diapers- I was SO excited when i found a hunk of roasted sweet potato in his poop that I took a picture :lol

    Good luck and have fun!!! I'm all :cheer about BLS :D

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    Default Re: BLS Suggestions??

    LOTS of ideas in this thread (some are BLS posts, others are not):

    DS1: bf 7/2006 -> 4/2009; multiple food allergies
    DS2: bf 9/2009 -> ???
    ; multiple food allergies
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    Default Re: BLS Suggestions??

    definitely read that BLS book, it's helpful. I also gave anything i ate. Only stayed away from honey. I asked our PED and the best piece of advice he gave us is that our kid is not a science experiment just feed her whatever we eat (unless we had a known allergy to something) and if we see a reaction then work back from there. ALso that the pinky finger on a baby is the same size as there windpipe so make sure the sticks of food were bigger then that. easy manageable pieces. if the item is hard(like carrots) steam it first to soften it up. i would also recommend if you haven't already taking a baby CPR class just in case your LO chokes then you'll know what to do. with that said my DD never choked, she gagged a lot at first( she was exploring and would put food to far back or to much at once) but gagging is not choking. completely different and gagging is totally normal. still scary but part of the process Enjoy this new stage! it's a fun and very messy one!

    My dd loved anything savory(chilli, spag sauce, homemade soups etc.)
    anything shredded(cheese, apples, pears) be careful of cheese and banana's they can be constipating
    grapes/blueberries (cut in half)
    Toast fingers ( we did peanut butter around 9 months but i understand if people wait)
    yogurt ( we froze ours and gave it as a treat or mixed it in with fruit)
    strawberries depending on how big would cut them up or just give whole( she would sometimes get a contact rash around her mouth from the acidicness but it was nothing)
    Gooseberries( seriously like crack, she will devour them faster then i can cut them)
    watermelon( that was a biggie at our house)
    Broccoli(gave the whole tree)
    Loved meat(nice big piece of steak or roast that she would just suck on)
    cereal(puff wheat, rcie krispies, cheerios)
    oranges without the skin
    tomatoes cut in quarters
    lunch meat
    scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa in it( a fav), she hated plain eggs.
    mashed potatoes, homemade hashbrowns or "steak" fries(also sweet potato fries home made are great)

    we didn't worry about a lil spice or herbs, she loved it! we just made sure to not make anything too spicy. maybe invest in a washable easy to clean mat to go under where ever your feeding her as well cause it will be messy! or an old sheet that you can throw in the wash and aren't worried about staining!
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    Default Re: BLS Suggestions??

    Thank you for all the suggestions! I downloaded the book and LOVE it.

    I am so excited to start now!

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    Default Re: BLS Suggestions??

    I am looking for some quick and relatively mess-free breakfast ideas. There is just no time for a bath in the morning

    Right now we only do breakfast occasionally with toast and/or fruit. We haven't tried Cheerios yet because he is just getting the pincher grip down.

    What else can I give him that only takes seconds worth of prep work?

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    Default Re: BLS Suggestions??

    DH made baby sized pancakes for DD-- like 50 of them one Sunday, oval-shaped and small, and we froze them. Then, I put 3 in the toaster oven on the "light" setting and they come out perfect, and they are relatively mess free! She LOVES her pancakes. I give her a wedge of plum or piece of banana while they are heating up. Toast we also do.

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