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    Hi! I am getting ready to go back to work two weeks from today. I had so much trouble with a NICU baby who became nipple confused at the hospital and could never nurse that starting a bottle for my second baby, who is a champion nurser, is scary for me! I'd like to use the breast flow bottles, but my husband has tried them with her twice and says she coughs like the flow is too strong , cries, bangs on the bottle with her little hand , and goes to sleep. from what I've heard about these bottles, they are very slow, but my husband showed me what happens when he compresses the inner nipple with his fingers where her lips would be and geesh it just shoots out! When the outer nipple is filled with milk and The bottle held vertically, it drips super fast. We are using the stage 1nipples. Has anyone else experienced this? I am open to trying other bottles, though I am a little reluctant, since other bottles don't require the same type of suck/compression as nursing, so I wonder if there was something we were doing wrong when putting it together. any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    Oh, I feel for you. My first never managed to nurse successfully, and I EPed for thirteen months. When my second had sucking problems, and I had to break out bottles once again, I cried and cried and cried. He did learn to nurse, though, after about two months, but he's never had a bottle since then. I'm still paranoid about them.

    I did switch to Breastflow bottles with my first child in an attempt to help her get back to the breast. In our case, the flow was slower than what she had been using (Dr. Brown's), and she hated them to begin with, probably because it was too much like the breast. I did notice that when she sucked long and hard enough that she could increase the rate, but I'd say she averaged about ten minutes per ounce most of the time. I doubt that you're putting them together wrong (I can hardly imagine how one could do that), but I suppose it's possible that you got a bad batch of nipples?

    I know there are other moms who like these bottles, too, so maybe one of them will have more thoughts.

    Could you try holding the bottle horizontally rather than vertically and see if that simple change helps?

    When my second child had a disorganized suck, the Breastflow bottles were so difficult that he could not use them. The LC suggested Playtex Dropins with NaturaLatch nipples. (I had hated them with my first because I didn't want the disposable liners, and they choked her with the fast flow.) My son had such sucking problems, though, that even those bottles took him two hours just to get a few ounces. Once we got treatment for his problems, though, he was able to get back on the breast. My sister used them for both her babies while she worked full time, and they did breast and bottle successfully.

    I'm afraid that's all I have to offer, other than my full sympathy for being paranoid about introducing a bottle. How old is your LO?
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    I Pumped for my first for 13 months too! Really makes me hate to risk it again, but I have to return to work. Luckily my husband will be watching her during the day and will bring her to me at lunchtime. She is 10 weeks old. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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    Your DH needs to not compress the inner part of it if he's doing that when the baby is sucking on it. When I don't have a sleeping baby on me, I'll play with the one I have around here and see if I can figure out what is wrong.

    However, there is no standardization between bottle nipples, so that one might be bad. You could try a second one and see if it has the same result.

    But holding the bottle vertically...that could be part of the problem, although that also makes me think the nipple is bad, as I don't recall ours ever dripping. If you hold it in a horizontal fashion, the baby can pace the milk better, no matter the type of nipple.

    My second baby liked them, but my third did not. He used something odd that I don't even know the name of and could only find ONE of them. So it might also be a poor fit for your baby, even though they are a really nice bottle. My fourth, because of the cleft, can't use them because he can't suck from any bottle.
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    Thanks for your thoughts. My DH isn't compressing the nipple or holding the bottle vertically while feeding her. Those were things he did to try to figure out how fast the flow is for her. We ar on our third batch of nipple, too, soo ?????? He says she alternates between acting like she can't get anything out of the bottle and seeming flooded (choking, milk running down her chin).Ugh. I think we may try the playtex with do pins- I'm afraid that if we keep pushing the breast flow she'll get so frustrated she won't even try. Still open to any ideas others might have.

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    That's the only brand that we used, but I do know a few others who liked the Avent bottles for their BF babies.

    Was I reading right that baby has only tried a bottle a handful of times? It may be that it is not the specific bottle--though trying another kind might be more to her liking--but just that she needs more time to figure out bottle feeding. (Milk from dad? Out of this thing? But it's slower/faster/colder than I like!) It took 2+ weeks of my husband gently but persistently trying to get my LO to accept the bottle--and she screamed bloody murder the whole time. It was very stressful but necessary since I had to return to work.

    If you tried differnt nipple sets, then it sounds like it is not a defect but for some reason may not a good match for her. Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned about the 'testing' your husband did--since compressing with your hand and holding vertically are not the way it is actually used by your baby.
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