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Thread: How do-able is this?

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    My little guy is just over 4 months old. We've been exclusively breastfeeding, and I would like to pump when I go back to school (I'm a teacher) without completely stressing myself out. So, my plan is to nurse around 7am, pump at 12 on my lunch break, pick up around 4:30pm and nurse the rest of the night. I know that I'm not going to get enough in that one session and will need to supplement, which I've come to terms with. I just want to know if I'll be able to pump once and still maintain enough of a supply to nurse after work/at night and on the weekends. Any experience/advice would be appreciated!

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    What will happen is that your supply will start diminishing during the days at work. Then what might happen is that you might not have quite enough on weekends during the day. However, nights will be fine as long as you allow unresistricted nursing access during evenings. Weekends..you might end up supplementing, but if you just let baby hang out, you might get by. That could cause Monday and Tuesday to be a bit much.

    I do know someone who did this. She was not allowed to have that much pumping time at work and could only pump once. She managed to nurse that baby for a year with very little supplementation!

    The trick seems to be making sure you are around to nurse whenever you are not at work. Another friend didn't do this and had weaned for work hours -- she was unable to pump at her job -- but she could have nursed after work, but she went out without the baby all the time and dried up.

    Don't forget..you can try car pumping to add in some sessions. Like pump in the car on the way to work. Pump on the way to pick up baby, just one side, maybe. That might make up the difference.
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    Can you get another pump session in right before you leave school? I nurse at 6:45-7AM, pump at 11:45AM and again at about 3:40 (when I get the freshmen out of my room). I have not had any problem with pumping enough for LO doing that and even if I get home at 4:30 and he wants to nurse right away, he still seems satisfied. (I think he is happy to see Mommy!)
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    It sucks: Teachers have the worst jobs for pumping! They really do. I get that.

    What about trying to pump a bit more frequently for the first two months, at which point your baby will be taking in more solids? Then back off. That gets you past the hurdle of six months, at which point your baby is eating other things AND your supply is better established and you're more likely to be able to day wean.

    That's just an idea. But to the answer your question with an unsatisfactory answer: all women are different. Some women can day wean early on and keep their supply the rest of the time (if they nurse on demand the rest of the time - like Susan says, if you cut other feeds too, you're more likely to lose it all). For some women, though, going ten hours a day without nursing just signals their body to stop making milk. The earlier you do something like this, the greater the risk that it will just dry up your supply. At a year, it should be no problem to pump-wean at work. At six months, I'd guess it would work for many women. At four months, it's not impossible, but riskier. Which is why I was wondering if you could handle a tougher pumping schedule better if you only did it for a couple months, rather than seeing as a year long commitment? When I was pumping, I used to do it in the car while driving all the time! Even one ten minute pumping session could make a difference to your supply.

    ETA: That said, if your choice is to pump less or wean, definitely pump less and breastfeed part time as long as you can! My sister is a teacher, and she had a REALLY hard time finding time to pump. She didn't even have time to run to the restroom most of the day, so I get that. So by all means, two pumpings a day are better than one, which is better than none, etc. You can always try to reduce the pumpings and see how it goes, and if you're unhappy with the results, up the number again until your supply rebounds.

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    Can you pump right when you get to school before classes start? Maybe in your car as others have suggested? I know that you will have just nursed at 7, but for me, I produce a lot in the morning so I can sometimes get a few ounces even though it's only been an hour or so since I nursed. My production has lately been dropping off in the afternoons, so I'm glad to have the morning bounty.

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    Ok...I'm convinced now that I need to add another pumping session. The morning would be difficult because I will have staff meetings and will be helping with a running program. I have planning at 2, but I'm thinking the pumping in the car around 4 will be the best solution for me. It's about 20 minutes to the sitter, which would be perfect! I think I'm running out to buy a hands free bra and adapter! I would love to make 6 months...that's my goal right now.

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