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Thread: Staying at the breast? Supplement needed

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    My son has been supplemented with formula since birth because my milk was slow to come in (day 5). I want to solely breastfeed him now (5 weeks old) and did solely breastfeed him for a short period. He latches good and takes the breast, but after about 5 minutes he appears to get frustrated and pulls away, I can still express some milk out so I know that there is still milk for him there, it appears that he is frustrated with the slower flow compared to in the beginning of the feeding and that of a bottle as well. It is difficult to finish a feeding and he will not be satisfied so I will have to give him 2 oz of formula to satisfy him. How can I get him to stay at the breast longer to finish a feeding to be satisfied? Should I continue to supplement or let him cry it out if not full? I think that I do have enough of a milk supply for him, and am doing many things to help increase it like Fenugreek, oatmeal, and pumping after a feeding. I would like to get rid of formula and bottle feeding unless absolutely necessary. I did try to feed him breast milk with a syringe at the breast when he got frustrated but we made a mess and got formula all over the place. Not sure what to do.

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    This link has some information of weaning off of supplements.


    One other thing you might try is switching to a slower flow nipple for the bottle, such as breastflow bottles. If your LO has to work harder for the milk out of the bottle, he might switch more easily to the breast.
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    Thank you for that information

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    Are you familiar with breast compression? This is a link to a youtube video that shows the technique. (It's a little slow at the start but gets better.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RymUDeCAt18

    This, along with switching sides helped my LO stay happy at the breast longer when we were weaning off a supplement.

    Since you're pumping after a feeding, are you able to use your expressed breast milk instead of formula?
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