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    Hi - I'm a new poster to this site. I'm mom to 5 week old (-1 week adjusted age) twin boys and having some breastfeeding issues. Both boys spent some time in the NICU so were bottle fed initially. Now that they are home, we are mostly breastfeeding but still giving supplemental bottles of EBM afte each feeding. Any advice on how to reduce/eliminate these bottles? both boys are gaining 9-11 oz a week so far, so weight gain isn't an issue, but they will nurse for an hour, and fall off the breast, but still seem hungry 15 minutes later. I often try to put them back to the breast, but they don't seem interested or only nurse for a few minutes. If I give the supplemental bottle, they usually chug it down and fall asleep immediately - I guess I'm just getting the impression that they aren't "full" or satisfied unless I feed the extra bottle. Am I just being paranoid? I really want to get rid of these bottles - it takes so much extra time to pump, prepare and clean bottles on top of breast feeding.

    Also, should the breastfeeding sessions be taking an hour? It seems like a long time, but I know since my boys were premature they don't have the suction of bigger babies. Also, I'm using nipple shields (trying to get rid of those too) - is that something that is getting in the way of milk transfer? I'm trying hard to exclusively breastfeed and would really appreciate some advice on these issues.


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    hi mama and congrats! Well done for feeding your twin boys! I don't have specific advice other than just keep putting to breast instead of bottle. If not interested then prob don't want it? May just want a little extra sucking comfortxx

    I don't have knowledge of shields, but somebody will come along and help you out specifically. there is a section for mums of multiples too - the seasoned multiple mamas will be able to help.

    well done again x

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    Congratulations on having and nursing twins, mama! Good for you!

    A lot of women can use nipple shields quite successfully, but some do have trouble. In my case, the nipple shield was too small for my large (inverted) nipples, and it wouldn't let my milk eject properly, and that perhaps contributed to some supply issues I had with the first (but I had supply issues anyway). Some women have success getting babies to latch with the shield at first but then to pop it off an continue with "naked nipple" time when the milk is really flowing. You might see if you could manage that (while nursing two, I realize. Wow!), but the shield isn't necessarily a problem.

    Most babies will take a supplemental bottle after they've eaten, even if they aren't really hungry. Have you tried just using a pacifier and soothing to sleep? That worked well for my breast-milk-bottle-fed baby. I didn't use the pacifier for the first couple of months, but she really needed more sucking than she got, but she didn't need more food.

    Here's a link about reducing supplementation, and it has lots of other links at the bottom. Hope this provides useful information for you.

    It's okay for breastfeeding to be taking an hour. Babies do get more efficient, but yours are still young. You also might try using breast compression to help babies get more milk a little more quickly.
    I breast milk fed my Blossom for fifteen months (after exclusively pumping for thirteen). My Bud (nineteen months) is still nursing directly (after a rough start that included a few months of pumping and supplementing with mommy's milk).

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