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Thread: Night Nursing

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    Question Night Nursing

    My husband and I just started putting our little one in his crib to sleep at night, we literally started tonight.. I wanted to know if and when i should stop night time feedings?

    Up until tonight my little one slept in bed with us and any time he would fuss I would nurse him and we would both fall back to sleep until the next time he wanted to eat. Since we have now moved him into his own crib I wanted to know what everyone thinks about how often I should nurse?

    I still believe in demand nursing during the day, but that doesn't mean I want to get up every 2-3 hours to nurse him at night... It would completely defeat the point of putting him in his own bed.

    He has always had a problem with sleeping and napping. The final straw for me was when I thought he was down for a nap today and decided to try and take a quick shower, I didn't even get the shampoo out of my hair before he was up screaming... needless to say I can't keep going on like this. I love him and I want to do what is best for him and for my family.. That being said my husband and I found a program that we were comfortable with that would help our little one fall asleep on his own. It only took an hour and 15 minutes for him to finally fall fast asleep, but my new concern is night feedings and how many if at all I should be doing?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Night Nursing

    How old is your baby? And what sort of program?

    Honestly, feeding on demand means exactly that- feeding on demand. Your baby doesn't know that it's ok to ask to nurse all day, but not at night. Throughout the first year there are going to be times when baby wants to eat at night. How often should you nurse? Well, for me it's easiest just to nurse whenever he wakes up as a first line of soothing him. Generally that's what he wants. Is he hungry every time he nurses? I don't know, but nursing is not just about food...if you're going to have to get up to comfort the baby anyway, why not offer the breast? I'm sorry you're feeling stressed. I know being a mom is difficult sometimes, i have 4 children ranging from 7 months to 8 years. But parenting is not always going to be convenient...

    I personally would not attempt any kind of sleep training that suggested that babies under 1 year of age should have their feedings limited. I sleep with my baby to make that a little easier on myself, that way I don't have to really wake up

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    It really depends on how old you baby is but even then every baby is different. It also depends on when you put your baby to sleep. For instance its 8 o clock its not realistic to think he'll sleep until 8 am . He might need to eat at 11pm 1 am 4am and 6am. Just an example. My son actaully had trouble feeding laying down and would fall asleep nursing so I would put him to sleep in his crib for probably the first 3-4 months. Then I moved him back to our bed so I didn't have to get up. Night nursing is so variable one night they'll sleep good and the next they'll be teething or growing and not sleep at all. Your baby will let you know what he needs.
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    Default Re: Night Nursing

    My LO is 12 weeks and when she falls asleep 4 the for the 1st time in the evening, usually around 9 (its almost time) I put her in her crib so hubby & I can have some intimate time, but as soon as she wakes she joins us in the bed 4 the rest of the.night. It makes night nursing much easier for me so I don't have to get up again & again. DD wakes up 2-4 times a night. She usually falls out after eating & some snuggling.

    Good luck
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    BTDT Both of my sons were/are not great sleepers either. Co-sleeping saved my sanity with my first and I've been co-sleeping with my 2nd from the beginning.

    Honestly, I would just nurse him whenever he wakes up. If he can be soothed in other ways (rocking, holding, etc), that's great, but I wouldn't try to limit feedings at night (especially if he's under a year old) because who's to say he doesn't get hungry at night? I personally find it much easier to just roll over and pop my boob in his mouth and go back to sleep. Keep in mind that babies' patterns are always going to change especially when they are teething, sick, going through growth spurts, working on developmental milestones, etc.

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    We did what you did (put LO in crib in her room) for like a 2-3 weeks when she was bout 3-4 months old and I couldn't take it. DH was happy since he wasn't getting up to feed her 2-3 times a night, and LO was moderately happy, falling back to sleep in her crib after her feeds, but I was MISERABLE and EXHAUSTED. I decided to do half crib/half co-sleeping after that. She's in the crib for the first half of the night until I'm ready to go to bed, then when she wakes up (usually around 10pm with a 7pm bedtime) I'll take her back to bed with me and we'll stay there for the rest of the night. I got so much more sleep! I with the others about when to stop night time feeding I think it depends on your LO's age and overall propensity to sleep through the night/not be hungry at night.
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