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Thread: How ofter should i feed?

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    Default How ofter should i feed?

    My 6 week old goes nights where she constantly eats all night. I don't have any left, even though i'm producing she still isn't getting enough. Then there are nights when she sleeps forever and i think im suppose to feed her. How long should i wait to feed her? And how often or how much should she eat? Is this normal? cause she can go for 8 hours and not eat. I just worry she shouldn't. Please help

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    There can be a lot of variation in feeding frequency. Some 6 week olds are sleeping long stretches at night, some are eating all night long, and some like to change it up! As long as you are feeding on demand and seeing an adequate output of wet and poopy diapers in a 24 hour period, there's no reason to worry. It won't hurt to wake your baby at night, but you can let her sleep as long as diaper output is good. And it also won't hurt anything (except perhaps your sanity ) to nurse all night long. Don't worry that you have run out of milk- even if you feel totally deflated that shouldn't be a problem. Milk is being produced even as it is being drained, and the faster the breast is emptied the faster milk is replaced. Your baby will always be able to get something out!

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