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Thread: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :(

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    Default Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :(

    I'm going to have to take an antibiotic (ciproflaxin) for a uti. They told me there is not a safe antibiotic to take that will get rid of this infection & still breastfeed. The doctor recommended weaning all together.

    My son turned 2 in May & breastfeeds mostly for comfort~ he never took a binky, bottle, thumb, etc.

    Have not started the medication yet and wanted to see if anyone had an idea to help wean quickly. I feel bad about it.....but he is 2 and I have been wanting to wean for awhile.

    I'm wondering if there's anything anyone recommends for quick weaning.

    Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you~

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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    You might try calling InfantRisk to see if they can help you find a medication that is compatible with breastfeeding. A lot of doctors (probably most) are not up to date on what is compatible with breastfeeding and will, almost as a reflex, tell you that you need to wean.
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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    Did you check Dr. Hales' website?
    Nursing mothers, especially when the baby is eating solid foods, can take most medications. unless the baby has an underlying medical condition, so do your research.
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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    I know of a lady who was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and has to take a very strong antibiotic for a month. She was told she needed to wean her 10 month old, but she worked with a lactation consultant who worked with Dr. Hale's information and worked it out so that she could still nurse, but she has to wait 5 hours after a dose before she can nurse. It's hard, but better than weaning. If you have an IBCLC you can see, that might help, but also like PPs said, Dr. Hale's website and Infantrisk have good info. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :


    Why can't they give you a safer antibiotic?

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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    FWIW, I had UTI myself when my DD was a few weeks old, was prescribed an abx and told to pump and dump for a week . I check with lactation consultants, another doc and online resources (didn't have Dr Hale's book back then) and finally took a different abx that was much more compatible with breastfeeding.
    I know you said you want to wean, but I've always heard abrupt weaning is not good for either mom or child... so if you could take the pressure off weaning immediately...

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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    Yeah, abrupt weaning generally isn't good for mama or baby. Especially mama, since if you go from nursing a lot to not nursing at all, you can end up with plugged ducts or mastitis, and that's going to make you feel worse than the UTI alone. But if you decide you must wean, here are some tips:
    - Get help from another adult. If they can care for your baby at a regular nursing time, you may be able to skip a feeding.
    - Distraction is your friend. Toddlers often forget to nurse when they are out and about.
    - Offer plenty of snacks and drinks- sometimes a toddler who wants to nurse really is hungry/thirsty.
    - Don't drop all the feedings at once. Drop a single feeding, wait a day or two for supply to adjust downwards, then drop another feeding, wait a couple of days, etc.

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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    I sent some info about cipro to the email address you registered with.

    Given that your little guy is 2 and, I assume, getting most of his nutrition from solids at this point, the amount of the medication he'd be exposed to through your milk is probably very small. So while you could certainly start cutting back on nursing sessions, I wouldn't recommend weaning abruptly. It can be physically uncomfortable for mom and traumatic for baby.

    mommal has some good suggestions. I would add

    - leave your LO's favorite nursing time as the last to be eliminated
    - avoid your usual nursing spots (my son always wanted to nurse as soon as I sat down at the computer -- it was habit more than anything else!)

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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    I took a penicillin drug (amoxicillin) for a UTI while 12 weeks pregnant. My doc said it was safe for pregnant women. Not sure for breastfeeding though. Maybe worth talking to a doctor about a safer antibiotic? Also, as a natural alternative, I took cranberry in pill form to help cure UTI's that I caught in early stages (I have had quite a few over the years).

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    Default Re: Need help! Must wean my 2 year old :

    you can take keflex, its a common one for uti & is safe while BF

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