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Thread: Gastroenteritis and BF

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    Cool Gastroenteritis and BF

    Hello from Belgium,

    I'm looking for information in regards to me having a gastroenteritis and the fact that I'm BF.
    My son is 6 weeks old and I know that babies are very sensitive to catching a gastro.

    Will he be protected due to the fact of being BF?


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    Default Re: Gastroenteritis and BF

    Its supposed to help them from getting it but I would take the extra precaution of washing your hands every time you pick him up.

    My Ds went through a particularly bad one and we still have no idea where he got it. He gave it to the rest of the family.

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    Default Re: Gastroenteritis and BF

    The very best thing for a baby with a gastrointestinal bug is breastmilk straight from momma. The antibodies in your breastmilk are already precisely targeting the germs that are making you sick, and they will probably protect him from developing a severe illness.

    If he does become sick, then your breastmilk is the most digestible food for him and will do a lot to protect him from dehydration (which is the most immediate threat to a young baby who is vomiting or having diarrhea) and to shorten the course of his illness (because of the antibodies that will support his immune system). What's more, breastfeeding is a powerful means of comforting a baby who is having discomfort or pain. So keep nursing!

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