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Thread: Supplementing EBF baby with hindmilk?

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    Default Supplementing EBF baby with hindmilk?

    Hi Ladies:

    My baby has been a slow gainer from birth. He dropped from 75th percentile, to roughly 20th, settled into a curve for a while, and is now dropping off that curve again.

    I have Over Active Letdown, AND Over Supply issues.

    I am determined to EBF and not use formula. Can somehow please explain how to supplement with hindmilk? My LC once mentioned this to me. Something about pumping, skimming off the fat which settles at the top, and feeding that only? Wouldn't this continue to affect my Over Supply issue, and trigger even more foremilk production?

    Please help! Baby is 4 months and I am anti-formula.
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    Default Re: Supplementing EBF baby with hindmilk

    I have never heard of this. Just thinking it through, I wouldn't recommend it. Breast milk is made up of forehilk and hindmilk for a reason. I'm not convinced that trying this would solve your problems. You're more likely to continue with an OS problem while pumping, IMHO. Have you tried block feeding to decrease your supply?

    Here are a couple links.

    Hang in there!
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    Default Re: Supplementing EBF baby with hindmilk

    OK. I have done this. I have a cleft baby, and when he was very young, his doctors were concerned about his weight. They wanted me to fortify my milk with formula, and I'm also anti-formula. So I made double cream bottles, which is what your LC is talking about.

    However, it DOES perpetuate an OS and even an OALD. Which may be WHY your baby isn't gaining well. I'll explain.

    First, to make double cream bottles, you pump. Then let that milk stand (in fridge, at room temp, whatever) until it's separated, which is several hours. Then I used a clean spoon or a syringe to skim off the top, thickest layer, which is cream. Then I took like the first inch or so of the milk as well, as that's thick fatty hindmilk. Add that to another bottle of milk, and I fed that to my baby. I only had to do this for a week or so, and then his weight was up and the docs got off my back...and he's been fine ever since.

    But...I have an OALD and OS. The OALD was not so much an issue pumping because I do not respond well to a pump and my letdown was super slow those first few weeks to months. But the OS...it was in.sane. I was pumping like 50-70 oz a day. So pumping can worsen the OS! Removal of milk just tells you to make more milk, which means you have even more foremilk and more hindmilk. But your baby needs more fat to gain weight, and if he fills up in the first few minutes, he never gets enough hind milk.

    Do his stools look yellow and seedy, or are they greenish?

    Now, how can that be impacting your baby's weight? If your supply is that big, your baby can't drink it all, and he never gets to the fatty hindmilk. So you need to control the OS first, and to do that, you may find block feeding to be helpful. The other thing I used to do when I was actually nursing (I BF my oldest three) was to feed OFTEN and start with the same breast I ended on. So frequently, I might be nursing every 1-2 hours, but I would use the same breast for a while, and the milk was always fatty. If baby seemed really hungry, I would switch sides and let him work on that one for a while. And I had these big chunky babies It also helped with the OALD, as that's worse when you are full.

    So, maybe look into that before trying the pumping and feeding. That's a slippery slope to EPing, which is a ton of work.

    However, please research to make sure this is really a problem, as if he's mopbile, that could be part of the problem, and many BF babies even off at 4 months; however, a four month old slipping down the charts does warrant some investigation.
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