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Thread: Refusing One Breast

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    Hi Ladies, any help with this would be appreciated! DS has been for the last week refusing to take my right breast. This is the side that he nurses best on and has always liked before. Now he screams as soon as I get him near it, turns his head and arches his back. I do have OALD on that side, but not all the time. I have tried different positions and sometimes it works and sometimes not. I have also tried just laying him on that side of his body when he's not hungry and he will lay there fine. I thought maybe an ear infection, but there are no other symptoms. I am at a total loss with this and don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt my supply by only giving him the left side, but I don't want him to scream every time either! He has enough wet/poopy diapers everyday and is gaining well. He is also generally happy. He will be 14 weeks on Monday.
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    A couple thoughts come to mind: 1. Maybe he has a little tummy trouble and doesn't feel up to dealing with the OALD. You could try expressing past the initial let-down and see if he will nurse when the powerful flow is past. 2. Are your nipples significantly different? I went through this with my LO. She was less than perfect at nursing as a newborn. My nips are very different and as she improved her skill on one nipple, she got worse at the other until she wouldn't take it any more.

    My midwife suggested, when I couldn't get DD to take my left breast, to put some sugar water on it to entice her to it. It sort of worked, but I can't say I recommend doing this continually.

    If you can't get him taking that breast soon, I would pump or manually express from that side until you can figure it out. In addition to not compromising your supply, you don't want to risk plugged ducts or mastitis.

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