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Thread: Biopsy and Weaning

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    Hello All,

    I have a 23 month old son who is still nursing. I cherish this relationship with him (even though it can be irritating sometimes, too). I recently had a mammogram that showed an area that needed further investigating. I had a needle biopsy that was unusable because the area in question is very posterior and close to my chest wall. Because of this, I have to have the area surgically removed and will have to stop nursing.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience and how you may have dealt with weaning and the sadness of ending this relationship with your child.


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    Mama, I am sorry you're going through this! I don't have any personal experience with this, but it seems to me that you may not need to wean. Maybe wean from the breast that needs to be biopsies, but not from the other breast... If you stop using one breast, it will continue to produce milk but generally at a very low level. Which could happen regardless- many moms who wean completely continue to produce a small amount of milk, for weeks, months, or sometimes even years afterwards.

    If you really do need to wean, then yes, I wouldn't be surprised if it made you very sad! It doesn't matter when you wean- I think a lot of mamas feel a combination of relief at being done, and sadness at letting go of something so precious and fleeting.

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    I hope this might have some information helpful to you.


    In any case, lots of s
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    I had a biopsy and was able to wean off that side until the incision healed. Then I "relactated" that side by nursing on it more. This was when Joe was four months old.

    So I agree with PPs. You may be able to continue nursing, at least a little bit, on the unaffected side. A full surgery will be harder to heal from than a mere biopsy, but if you start weaning off that side immediately, it might not be so bad. With a child at 23 months, it may not be as essential to continue nursing for nutritional reasons, but weaning off one side would give you more time to gradually wean overall. If you want more information, PM me!

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    Thank you to the three of you that replied. I found your post, JoMo, as I read through some of the forums. Guess I have a few things to consider and it's good to hear positive outcomes.

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    My son is 23 months. He is still an avid nurser.. I teared up and thought.. what if it was me and not you? I know how important Ben's nunu's are to him. I recently took IBCLC boards, and in "The Breastfeeding Atlas" there were case studies of a few moms who had biopsies and basically only nursed on the unaffected side and later relacted on the biopsied side (one didn't, just weaned that side.) And also a mom, maybe two, who was breastfeeding solely on one breast.. had previously had single mastectomy.

    Sounds like you need to get in touch, at least by phone, with an IBCLC. Maybe there is a local hospital that has a breastfeeding hotline?

    Of course if you want to wean, thats totally okay too. I'm just throwing this out there so you know you may have options.
    You are such a fantastic momma to nurse him so long!!!!
    I know nursing Ben has been crazy annoying at times and also, at times, the best part of my day : )

    I hope everything goes okay for you. (Hugs)

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