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    Unhappy Help!!!

    Hi,I have gotten my self into a little problem!!! 2 months ago my LO was giving me a hard time with her afternoon feedings ( on demand) if she was sitting up or laying down her interest was only held for a minute or two, she left my breast with milk, it became a real pain to feed her so i started to give her formula, at lunch and before long its its more and more every day!!!!
    I have cut down to a two formula bottles a day, sometimes one, I want to get back to NO FORMULA at all, im just scared im gonna starve her,
    she is teething so she isnt really having alot of baby food through out her day, somedays its a few spoonfulls,
    Im starting to pump again, Im wondering if fenugreek will help, any suggestions would help!!!!
    I dont know what made me mess up so bad!!!!

    she is 10 months an 20lbs...
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    This gives some helpful information on what you are trying to do:

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