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Thread: vomiting?

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    a few times, my baby has vomited up what seems like an entire feeding. it scares the hell out of me becuase he gags a little. this isnt just spit up - he RARELY does that. This is a LOT of puke! is this normal? he is exclusively breastfed, if that matters any...

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    Have you ever actually dumped an oz of water on the counter or on a burp rag. It is A LOT. You should do it just to comfort yourself. I had the same worries, but once I did that, I realized that she was just spitting up a lot, not vomiting. If your lo is truly vomiting, you should seek medical advice from a doctor.

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    Hi there
    Is the milk curdled when he spits up? Sometimes it looks like A LOT more, because it has curdled It's pretty rare for an exclusively breastfed baby to get a stomach virus or vomit.

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    it is a little curdled actually. then i see curdeled milk in his mouth. he doesnt seem ill - he poops and pees plenty!

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