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Thread: Am I starving my baby?

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    Default Am I starving my baby?

    Well I hope not!!

    My baby is now 6 weeks and 5 days old. She started getting very fussy in the evening last Friday until Monday. She fed non-stop from 7 pm till 11 pm and then passed out for 4 hours. I thought ok , this is a growth spurt and will end in a couple of days. Since Tuesday its gotten more frequent. She feeds non-stop from 10 am till 10 pm and then passes out. She does not sleep except for at the boob. I let her at my boob for a good hour switching once in between. When I take her off and try to get her to play she does for about 10-25 mins and then starts fussing/ crying again. As soon as I get her off my breast she starts furiously sucking her fist.

    Visitors who come home and see her in between feeding sessions keep telling me "she is starving" and this pisses me off because I have been at it all day!

    Wel till yesterday I was confident she was having a growth spurt but today I feel that she is really not getting enough milk and is very very hungry. We had a lot of wet and poop diapers yesterday. Today she has had 3 wet diapers since 6 am and its 4 pm now.

    She woke up at 5 am , I was completely full. She fed for an hour. And then on and off till 7 am. By this point I felt soft and empty. She got back at me at 8:30 till 9:30. Cried when I took her off. Had a bath and got back at the boob at 12 pm and I just left her at my boob switching her back and forth couple times from then till 4pm. When I took her off her stomach still did not have that semi full look. She was sucking her fist in her sleep and looked unsettled. I have put her down in her cot now and am just hoping she sleeps for a while so I can catch up on stuff.

    When I tried to hand express after this mega session am still getting drops and squirts of milk. So is she getting enough milk? Does this sound like a growth spurt? How long will it last? Its been 8 days already and the frequency of feeding is getting more and not less.

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    Default Re: Am I starving my baby?

    Hi mama! Good on you for sticking through this rough spot. Your baby is signalling your body to make more milk for his growing needs, which burns more calories for you, a nifty benefit. Behaviour, frequency of cueing, the feel of your breasts after nursing, and whether you can express milk or not afterwards are not indicative of whether LO is getting enough. Output is the only reliable home method of knowing if there is enough input: you need to count wet and soiled nappies.


    Sorry that your visitors don't know any better than to say LO is famished.

    We did safe co-sleeping to let my DD get in some nighttime calories so I could get out of the bfing chair. It helps! Also try babywearing with LO having access to the breast so you can get up and get around. It's important for your peace of mind to lower your expectations of what you can do while taking care of a young infant in a high-need period. Whether it's a growth spurt or not, LO just needs you around a lot these days for physical and psychological noursihment and the way to ensure that is to bf and cue to do so a lot. Take it easy, and in a few days the hot spell will be over. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Am I starving my baby?

    Don't visitors know better than to undermine a new mama's confidence?

    How has her weight gain been so far? And how has nursing been? If you are not in pain, and baby has been growing well up until now, I doubt that there's a supply issue. But that doesn't mean that there's nothing going on. You could be in the midst of a mega growth spurt, or your LO could have an ear infection or could even be starting to teethe...

    ETA: I assume there's no chance of you being pregnant, but are you on any hormonal contraception, including the Mirena IUD? Both those things can impact supply.

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    Default Re: Am I starving my baby?

    hi Mama! I had a baby like this too - assuming that your LO is gaining fine, some babies also really have a high suck need - this could be why she's gnawing on her hand, i'm not sure. Are you against trying a pacifier?
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