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Thread: Disappearing Nipple... HELP!

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    To make a lon story short my LO is almost five weeks old. She has been a great eater since day one. Last week I got what I thought was a clogged duct, called ot be sure and the nurse agreed so I left it over the weekend. By Monday morning I knew it was mastitis because I was in so much pain and called again, they gave me a prescription over the phone took that until Yesterday morning when I went back in because the pain was sooooo bad! They gave me a stronger antibiotic and some percocet, thank heavens I'm going back in tomorrow for a follow up because things are not getting better, I can't feel it any more but its still there!

    Here's my new problem though. My nipple is literally disappearing now! its just becoming smaller and smaller sinking into my areola. This morning when I was feeding the LO and took her off (I am currently using a shield to nurse) I noticed that all of a sudden a blister had appeared right up next to my nipple, but not the normal kind. It was big like a second nipple and after about 30 minutes went away.

    Has anyone had either of these things happen to them? I really would rather not have one very protruding nipple and one inverted for the rest of my life lol

    Oh and I am pumping and feeding trying to keep the breast as soft as possible besides the obvious mastitis lump so its not like my nipple is getting stretched out I don't think. Please help me!

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    Mama, this is a problem that has me

    I think you should seek some in-person help from a LC, preferably an IBCLC. I am thinking that maybe what is going on is that you have a plugged duct that is close to your nipple. When the baby sucks, the plugged area gets swollen, making the nipple appear to disappear. But this is just a guess. I'd really want hands-on help for this one!

    Was your nipple originally inverted? If not, I doubt thatit's going to become inverted. Usually nipples evert more as a mom nurses, since the constant sucking breaks the adhesions under the skin that hold your nipple flat or pull it inwards.

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    me too. IBCLC for sure!
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