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Thread: Ever wish you could go back in time?

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    Default Re: Ever wish you could go back in time?

    I wish I could go back and say NO to an unnecessary induction for the birth of my DD, which ended in a c-section.

    (And in regards to writing a letter to an OB... my old OB wouldn't let me VBAC... so after I switched docs at 30 weeks and had my VBAC, I DID send my old OB a birth announcement, complete with a handwritten note on the back thanking him for 30 weeks of prenatal care and letting him know, that yes I DID in fact have a successful vaginal birth. And I encouraged him to let his other prior c-section patients to do the same. )
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    I wish I would have learned more about birth options and stood up for my rights.

    As far as bf I wish that I had read and listened to the lc who told me about thrush and to take probiotics as soon as I got home, would have avoided 6 weeks of it. And I wish I never ever would have listened to the lc that told me to just pump and bottle feed exclusively, that added weeks of issues to getting bf down correctly.
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    Nothing LC wise, because they didn't help at all except for the one nurse who thankfully showed me how to squish my nipple like a big mac for little mouths.

    I wish I had enough faith in nature to do my home birth, and enough self discipline to hypnobirth without pushing, my LO ended up with a huge knot on his head from zooming down the birth canal into my pubic bone!
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