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Thread: 27 month old wanting "milky" A LOT

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    Default 27 month old wanting "milky" A LOT

    I'm not complaining, it gives me a chance to sit. He is getting a 2 year molar and his solid intake has decreased greatly so he is loading up on his "milky" He isn't ill(no ever, ear pain etc) I just worry that he isn't really eating especially when this is the 1st 2 year molar and I know 3 more are coming. I worry about the recommended calorie intake and I know he can't be near it! This has been going on about 2 weeks now! Anyone experience this with a toddler ths age? At 1 it wasn't a big deal, now ,I'm happy he is nursing for the great benefits but not as his main source of nutrition!

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    Default Re: 27 month old wanting "milky" A LOT

    BTDT... My toddlers did rely on my milk right up until the month they weaned, so for DS#3 I was actually engorged for a week when he weaned.
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    Default Re: 27 month old wanting "milky" A LOT

    I think it's pretty normal for toddlers to have some really bad eating days here and there, and nurse more, especially when teething. Try not to worry too much. At least he's getting breastmilk! It's harder not to worry when they go on food strikes after they've weaned.

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