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    Hello all! I will be returning to work next month and wanted to know if anyone had information on how the CA breastfeeding/pumping laws applied to EMS workers. I am a paramedic who works 12 hours shifts on an ambulance without use of stations. Other paramedics who pump have told me they use public bathrooms, hospital bathrooms or just pumped in the back of the ambulance. I know I can make it work but I want to know what the law is. I want to know if I can legally place my unit out of service (unavailable to run a 911 call) to pump. Does my employer still have to provide a non-bathroom facility for me to pump? If anyone can point me in the correct direction or get me in contact with some who and answer my questions, I will be eternally grateful.

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    I actually don't know. You might find more information looking at the laws in your state. Regarding whether or not you can place your unit out of service or not...I don't know. Do you have an HR section? What did fellow paramedics do about that?

    If you have friends at the hospital, they might let you use an open room. Although that does not address whether or not your employer must provide such accommodations.

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    I don't know the laws on that one but I'm thinking that this

    1032. An employer is not required to provide break time under this chapter if to do so would seriously disrupt the operations of the employer.

    may mean that you can NOT take your unit out of service. But that's just a guess.
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    but then there is this.....

    Cal. Labor Code ยง 1030 et seq. (2001) provides that employers need to allow a break and provide a room for a mother who desires to express milk in private.

    good luck-- but sounds like you might be pumping in the rig...

    do you have a good efficient pump?? and would definitly get a hands free bra
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    Do you belong to a union? Can you check with a union representative? Or maybe there is something in your collective agreement about this... Sorry I can't be of more help. Are you in Canada or US?

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    Me too! I'm a medic, but not in Cali, though... check this out: http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/complian...ce/whdfs73.htm

    There's an FLSA law that protects you, assuming your org falls under FLSA. If you're civil service, this won't help. I'm currently working with my HR to find a way to make this work, but call your HR about this FLSA law. According to federal law (which I think is the minimum requirement, unless your state has a higher or more comprehensive requirement), they are required to give you breaks (unpaid, but breaks nonetheless) as needed, for as long as you need, and a place OTHER THAN A BATHROOM that is private (where co-workers cannot interrupt) to express breastmilk until your baby is up to a year old. PLEASE let me know what you come up with!! I'm going back in about a month too, and we have 12's and 24's. We have stations, but we're rarely there (for shift start and end, and that's generally about it!). Good luck!

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