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Thread: Day 6 and no poop...so worried :(

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    Default Day 6 and no poop...so worried :(

    My 6 day old daughter pooped 2 meconium diapers, with the second containing somegreen then no more poop since Sunday. She had her frenulum clipped on Monday due to a mild case of tongue tie (my son was the same), but her latch hasn't improved all that much. I pump when she is not nursing then cup or spoon feed her as much as she'll take. Some spills with the cup so it's frustrating. And the small spoon takes forever!

    I tried the sns today, and it worked out ok but not great.

    She is meeting her wet ones, so in pumping after she nurses I thought the hind milk would make her poop but nothing.

    Pediatrician was not worried yesterday and said her color looked good.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm feeling so overwhelmed.

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    Default Re: Day 6 and no poop...so worried :(

    I'm afraid that I don't fully understand the nursing situation from your message. Not great latch, but is she taking feeds at the breast? Are you supplementing after nursing?

    I do recommend the SNS if your little one isn't having sucking problems. There is, of course, a learning curve for both mom and baby. Have you tried using the tube on the end of your finger to feed her supplemental milk? That might be less time-consuming than the spoon and less frustrating than the cup. We had to do that a lot for our second child.

    Have you seen an IBCLC for hands-on help?
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    Default Re: Day 6 and no poop...so worried :(

    Gosh, that must be very rough! How does it feel when she nurses? Do you hear lots of swallowing? I think the best thing to do would be to see an IBCLC- when you have a newborn there's nothing better than hands-on help!

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    Default Re: Day 6 and no poop...so worried :(

    I will also say...it might be OK. My second baby was like that. He pooped a couple times, and that was that. He NEVER lost any weight. He had lots of wet diapers. And by 2 weeks of age, he had put on a pound. So the doc simply said he was just super efficient.

    So...if she's doing OK weight-wise, it might all just be OK.

    I would second the thought to see an IBCLC. You do NOT want to be stuck EPing. It is so much more time-consuming than BFing will be in the long run.
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