Hi Ladies, my son taylor is 6 months old and is still waking up with wind, its much better than it was and he doesnt seem to be in terrible pain , although some night are worse than others, usually when you can hear his tummy gurgle and it feels like hundereds of bubbles in his tummy.

I just know he could sleep through. I’ve tried some wind remedies like infacol which didnt do much and infants friends which made him cry more in pain. Originally i thought he had an allergy to milk or something but he has had rusks now containing milk and has had no reaction to them, no more than normal wind for him. I stopped his dreamfeed and the first 2 nights he slept through but then it started again. I’ve been to the dr’s soooo many times i cant afford to keep going back. The last one told me it wasnt wind but that i am not consistent enough in my routine which i found odd because our routine is very consistent and she never asked what it was anyway.

My health nurse said its things like juice which i dont drink much of and other sweets. I know i had oversupply issues but my milk has finally settled down and i dont think its reflux coz he doesnt scream like he used to so im guessing it wasnt reflux but because of my oversupply. His poo’s are relatively normal...every now and then he’ll have a dark yellow/orange nappy that a bit runny but theyre not green or explosive anymore.

i was wanting to try and eliminate some problem foods but after keeping a journal ive realised i eat alot of “problem” foods. I dont know where to begin with changing my diet and from what ive been reading i can pretty much only eat pumpkin, potato, fish and cooked pears, oh and rice....

Any suggestions, any similar problems? I really would love an example diet of what i can eat that wont cause gas in my bub