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Thread: Freakin' out for no reason...

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    I haven't read all of the comments yet, but sidelaying nursing never worked well for me! I would sit up and alternate postions (football holl, cross-cradle, etc) and do breast compressions while you are nursing. Also, have you had your baby checked for tongue or lip tie?

    postions: http://www.breastfeeding-problems.co...positions.html

    tongue tie: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...tonguetie.html (text)
    pictures of tongue tie: http://www.tonguetie.net/index.php?o...ask=view&id=12

    I could not find a good link for lip tie, but google "lip tie pictures" and you will see some examples and links to stories.

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    Wow! So glad you followed through with that so quickly - I hope it helps settle your mind a bit
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